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Harald Alvestrand writes:
> >This is a Good Thing, although it suggests you aren't reading the 
> >mailing lists yourself.  Ron announced this yesterday already.
> Careful....Ron has announced an URC BOF, Keith has announced an URN BOF.
> These are two different sessions:
> Mon 1930-2200: URN BOF
> Thu 1300-1500: URC
> I would certainly be overjoyed if both came to reasonable conclusions, but
> their topics are different.
>            Harald A

I include Ron's message as I received it (headers trimmed):

Date: Tue, 7 Nov 1995 08:32:17 -0700
From: "Ronald E. Daniel" <>

Hi gang,

For those of you making travel plans, the URC BOF is Thursday,
1300-1500. The URN BOF is Monday, 1930-2200


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The letter N definitely puts in an appearance.

And before any WGs are set up, perhaps it's worth considering how best
to serve the goals of focus and efficiency.  For example, I presently seem
to be getting around 4 copies of every message: 1 direct to me, and one
from each of the ur{i,c,n} lists.  If everything has to be crossmailed,
wouldn't one WG be simpler?

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