Re: Re SGML URC spec comments

On Mon, 26 Jun 1995, Terry Allen wrote:
> Brian:
> | It would be nice if the author/server *could* provide a pointer to those 
> | SOAPs (man, two levels of indirection) as a service.  This would imply 
> | the SOAP-creation agent would send some sort of notification to the 
> | original dociument's server, which could be ignored if the server doesn't 
> | want to support it.  
> How, if the SOAP is created after the doc, the author goes away, the
> author is unaware of the SOAP, etc?  Don't assume that the author or
> publisher 1) distributes the doc, 2) resolves URNs for it, 3) cares,
> 4) is alive or in existence, 5) has gone away but has provided for
> a successor.

Cut me some slack, Terry :)  I'm not assuming anything.  I'm suggesting 
that on a voluntary basis it would be nice for the HTTP-object to be able 
to also express to the browser/viewer that various SOAPs/global 
annotations have been applied to it.  I dunno, maybe I'm in the minority, 
but it would seem to be a crucial step in making the web chmod a+w. :)

I'll go read some more of the URI archives and the scenerios document 


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