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Re: Re SGML URC spec comments

From: Terry Allen <terry@ora.com>
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 1995 07:49:06 -0700
Message-Id: <9506260749.ZM28936@dmg.west.ora.com>
To: Brian Behlendorf <brian@organic.com>, Terry Allen <terry@ora.com>
Cc: uri@bunyip.com
| On Sun, 25 Jun 1995, Terry Allen wrote:
| > >The question is, how does one ask for the complete set of SOAPs
| > > for a given page?
| > I don't think you can, other than by querying all the UR* servers
| > you know about.  If anyone can make an URC (potentially including
| > a SOAP, as URCs are extensible), then a SOAP could pop up anywhere.
| It would be nice if the author/server *could* provide a pointer to those 
| SOAPs (man, two levels of indirection) as a service.  This would imply 
| the SOAP-creation agent would send some sort of notification to the 
| original dociument's server, which could be ignored if the server doesn't 
| want to support it.  

How, if the SOAP is created after the doc, the author goes away, the
author is unaware of the SOAP, etc?  Don't assume that the author or
publisher 1) distributes the doc, 2) resolves URNs for it, 3) cares,
4) is alive or in existence, 5) has gone away but has provided for
a successor.


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