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Mon, 26 Jun 1995 07:43:17 -0700

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Date: Mon, 26 Jun 1995 07:43:17 -0700
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Subject: Re: Simple comparison of URNs

>Is there
sufficient advantage for the constraint that a resource have only one
name per naming scheme?  Tools (such as browsers and caches) should be
made to work with the knowledge that resources do not necessarily have
a single name, by perhaps remembering the canonical name for a
resource in addition to its alternative names.

You can't ensure that a resource will be given only one URN per
naming scheme, so it is pointless to require it.  The "canonical name"
mentioned would have to be ... just exactly a URN, so that's no out.

Comparisons are presumably to be made on (what it is hoped are)
different, um, encodings(?) of the same URN.


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