Re: whither URI

As a follow-on comment to Peter Deutsch's remarks re. "whither URI", and
the responses re. the now-defunct IIIR working group and the proposed
metadata BOF in Stockholm, I would like to suggest that it is not
sufficient to say "we have a group looking at each of these problem areas".

I don't really see how resource identifier architecture (URIs) and the
resource content descriptors (metadata) can be addressed in isolation.
We can't build useful identifiers if we don't consider the larger
issues of what information architecture we are trying to support (e.g.,
which types of application).  Similarly, we can't just derive a set
of metadata without knowing what elements need to be known in order to
properly identify resources.

Cross-pollination of participants between the two groups (should the BOF
turn into a WG) will not be enough to ensure that they stay in synch in
terms of development; I believe that the URI group must still take an
architectural stance, instead of dedicating itself to syntax analysis.



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Received on Tuesday, 20 June 1995 17:42:25 UTC