Re: whither URI

  I think Leslie is right about the need to keep close and careful
coordination between the groups working on the addressing, resolution,
metadata of UR's (and I might add architecture, since I have this feeling
that an architecture is what we're somewhat unsuccessfully working around),
and that they need to proceed in parallel, not serially in order to have
that coordination.
  I am concerned about overload, though, which I believe is what motivated
Larry's and Keith's comments.


At 10:08 AM 6/22/95 -0400, Leslie Daigle wrote:
>I disagree that these things should be done serially, and I am not suggesting
>that they should all be done in one working group.  ...
>What I have said is the that the URI group should continue to consider some
>metadata issues, at the level of architecting resource location/discovery
> ..
>On the other hand, with a certain amount of vision, we can do more than
>just stack engineering hack upon engineering hack.

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