Re: new port for DNS (Michael Mealling) writes:
> One of 
> my primary goals is to allow anyone to be both publisher and author
> at a fairly cheap price. In this case a user can register for
> a section of an OID space without having to contact or or be approved
> by his employer or ISP. Once they have a pointer in the namespace they
> can setup their resolver and be an author.

Again, this doesn't require that they run their own DNS server.  It is only
necessary to run your own DNS server if you wish to have multiple URN
resolvers for different parts of your URN namespace.  In fact, you don't have
to run a DNS server under any circumstances, if the registration authority
which gave you the OID is willing to maintain DNS records for you.  You do
have to be able to run a URN resolver, of course.

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