Re: new port for DNS

Correct me if I am worg, but I strongly feel that this DNS
discussion could perhaps be sidestepped:

*WHEN* talking about a resolving mechanism, we want to resolve
a URN. In the DNS naming scheme we have a DNS name which specifies
the host which can resolve the URN for us. 

So we have *TWO* tasks; 

	A   resolving the host-name (through DNS)
	B   asking that host to resolve the URN.

Assume the <>

The existing dns system helps you to the IP address for,
possibly by going al the way to a name server in the domain
which tells you the IP address.

With this IP address you start talking to the host at a certain well
known port which will resolve the 'my.very.boring.doc.txt' for you.

In short, with the DNS scheme (and any others IMHO) there is *no* need
for duplication the DNS resolving mechanism in the URN resolving 
mechanism. We'll just be talking to *two* ports; one to get the hostname
to IP address which gets us the resolving host, and the other one
to resolve the actual URN.

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