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Thank you for your response.  I had checked out the other ways of doing the check offline or on our own servers but the problem is that they seem to only support HTML5.  Our app was coded many years ago and still uses HTML 4.01 as the doctype.  As such, it is coming up with tons of errors about depreciated tags and isn’t coming up with the appropriate validation messages based on our doctype.  The validator on the w3c website does allow a doctype to be different things and does check appropriately based on that.


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   Hello Corey,

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> I work for a large company with a large project that needs to be HTML validated.  We have a testing team of 15-20 developers and they are accessing the HTML validator from within our corporate network.  We are getting the abuse lockout and cannot use the validator any more.  Is there some sort of solution that we can try?
> Thank you.

   We do have a FAQ for this:

   A solution is to run your own instance of the validator, and to have the
   students use that instead during the lesson.

   The instructions for running your own instance of validator are here:

   The steps are pretty simple:

   1. Download a vnu.jar release from one of the following places:



   2. Invoke the vnu.jar file on some host on your network like this:

        java -cp ~/vnu.jar nu.validator.servlet.Main 8888

   That will cause the validator to be accessible from port 8888 on that host.
   For example, if you install it on a machine named,
   then students would find the validator UI here:

   Of course that requires you have access to some host like that to run it
   on (or can ask your IT staff to run it on a host for you).

   Note that it also requires the latest version of the Java runtime (Java 8) to
   be installed on the host. I will not run on a system with Java 7 or earlier.

   Should you experience any trouble, please, let us know.

   Best regards,


   Coralie Mercier  -  W3C Marketing & Communications - +336 4322 0001

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