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5. Extensions to HTMLLinkElement Interface

An import in the context of the Document of an HTML parser or XML Parser is said to be an import that is blocking scripts if the element was created by that Document's parser, or and the element is a link of type import when the element was created by the parser, and the link is not marked as async, and the the import is yet to be completely loaded, and, the last time the event loop has reached step 1, the element was in that Document, and the user agent hasn't given up on that import yet.

(1) Clause begins with two conjunctions (either alters meaning): "or and the element" 
(2) Misleading commas within a list: "loaded, and, the" + "step 1, the" <>

4.12.3 The template
<!doctype html>
<html lang="en">
  <template id="template"><p>Smile!</p></template>
   let num = 3;
   const fragment = document.getElementById('template').content.cloneNode(true);
   while (num-- > 1) {
     // Method before() does not exist.

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