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> Dear w3c Team,
> My name is Martin Tomov. I have domain for some years and wanted to make something nice with it. 
> Our team loves HTML5 and works with it for some time now. With the advance of the HTML5 ad banners on the place of Flash, and the progress of the Web APIs, JS Frameworks, and CSS3 and their browser support we're excited to had the opportunity to spread the word and to provide HTML5 banner services and modern web and even hybrid mobile apps.
> We have built the html5 banners logo with the w3c logo in mind, as this is the technology our banners will be based, but we have modified it to avoid misunderstanding with the original logo. We've also included reference in our footer to, to be sure we're compliant with the logo usage after modification.
> I would love to hear back is it OK to keep our setup as is and to work in popularizing the HTML5 banners and their good pratices (IAB compliance, DCM and AdWords certifications etc.)? This does not affiliate us with W3C or will serve as endorsement from you in any way. 

Thanks for writing.
Yes, this is fine; it is consistent with our FAQ for the HTML5 logo:

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> Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
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