CfP ISWC 2021 - Call for Research, In-Use, Resource, Doctoral Consortium papers

20th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2021)

Virtual, October 24-28, 2021

In this announcement:
1. Call for Research papers
2. Call for In-Use papers
3. Call for Resource papers
4. Call for Doctoral Consortium papers

1. Call for Research papers
In this track of ISWC 2021, we are looking for novel and significant
research contributions addressing theoretical, analytical and empirical
aspects of the Semantic Web. While we welcome work that relates to the W3C
Semantic Web recommendations (e.g., RDF, OWL, SPARQL, etc.), we also
encourage contributions to research at the intersection of the Semantic Web
and other scientific disciplines. Submissions to the research track should
describe original, significant, and replicable research on the Semantic
Web. All papers must include method evaluations that are rigorous,
repeatable and reproducible. This will be one of the key reviewing
criteria. We also strongly encourage papers that provide links to the data
sets, source code and queries used to evaluate their approach, and/or live

Topics of interest and further details:

Track Chairs:
- Eva Blomqvist (University of Linköping, Sweden)
- Andreas Hotho (University of Würzburg, Germany)


2. Call for In-Use papers
The In-Use track at ISWC 2021 continues the tradition of demonstrating and
sharing the increasing adoption of Semantic Web technologies by providing a
forum for the community to explore the benefits and challenges of applying
such technologies in concrete, practical use cases, beyond the research
communities from which they originate, in contexts ranging from industry to
government and society. The In-Use track thus seeks submissions describing
applied and validated solutions such as software tools, systems or
architectures that benefit from the use of Semantic Web technologies
(including, but not limited to, technologies based on the Semantic Web

Topics of interest and further details:

Track Chairs:
- Ying Ding (University of Texas at Austin, USA)
- Payam Barnaghi (Imperial College London, UK)


3. Call for Resource papers
The ISWC 2021 Resources Track aims to promote the sharing of resources
which support, enable or utilise semantic web research. Resources include,
but not restricted to: datasets, ontologies/vocabularies, ontology design
patterns, evaluation benchmarks or methods, software tools/services, APIs
and software frameworks, workflows, crowdsourcing task designs, protocols,
methodologies and metrics, that have contributed or may contribute to the
generation of novel scientific work. In particular, we encourage the
sharing of such resources following best and well-established practices
within the Semantic Web community. As such, this track calls for
contributions that provide a concise and clear description of a resource
and its usage.

Topics of interest and further details:

Track Chairs:
- Stefan Dietze (GESIS, Cologne & Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf,
- Achille Fokoue (IBM Research, Yorktown Heights, NY, USA)

***** Important Dates (common to all paper tracks above) *****
- Abstracts Due: 12 April 2021
- Full Papers Due: 19 April 2021
- Author Rebuttals: 2–6 June 2021
- Notifications: 23 June 2021

4. Call for Doctoral Consortium papers
The ISWC 2021 Doctoral Consortium (DC) will provide PhD students with an
opportunity to:

    ● present and discuss their research ideas in a supportive, formative
and yet critical environment;
    ● receive feedback from mentors, typically senior members of the
Semantic Web research community, and peers;
    ● explore career pathways available after completing their PhD degree,
and finally
    ● network and build collaborations with other members of the community.

The event is intended for students who are midway through their PhD,
therefore at a stage where they have articulated a reasonably detailed
research proposal, preferably supported by some preliminary results. The
aim is to support the students in refining their proposal and suggest
possible ways to improve their research plan and achieve results with
prospective greater impact. While doctoral degrees can vary in format and
conduct, we aim this Call for Papers to PhD candidates in their second, or
early in their third year and who will have already partially investigated
some specific problems. Students will be required to submit a paper to the
doctoral consortium, structured like a research proposal. All proposals
submitted to the Doctoral Consortium will undergo a rigorous review process
by the International Programme Committee, who will provide detailed and
constructive feedback and select those submissions to be presented at the
Doctoral Consortium. If accepted, students will have to register and attend
the event, which will include a range of interactive activities.


DC Chairs:
- Miriam Fernandez (Open University, UK)
- Valentina Tamma (University of Liverpool, UK)

***** Important Dates (DC track) *****
- Papers due: 3 May, 2021
- Notification to proposers: 31 May 2021
- DC Day: 25 October, 2021

*** All deadlines are AoE (Anywhere on Earth)  ***

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