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On 2012-10-13, at 7:45 AM, Renato Iannella wrote:
> On 13 Oct 2012, at 00:39, James McKinney <> wrote:
>> Why create single-property classes like Email, Nickname, FormattedName, Note etc? Is it to allow users to extend those classes? Has that been identified as a real need based on feedback from the last vCard RDF?
> Hi James, yes, the vCard specs (all of them) allowed most properties to have additional information attached.
> So an Email property could have a "type" (work or home), a language, and a preference number.
> Hence why most "vCard properties" are owl Classes with a number of owl properties.

Thanks for the quick reply, Renato. Having re-read the RFC, I see the need for the classes. Would it be possible, though, to add shortcuts, eg ex:james v:tel "tel:+1-800-555-0199"? I find that many ontologies that use n-ary relations also provide a direct relation.

>> Why does the Telephone class have both the properties "phone" and "telephone"? What's the difference?
> The telephone property is the uri of the number (eg tel:555-555-555)
> and the phone property is the uri of the "type" of telephone (eg voice, fax, etc). See the Phone Class (under Code Class).
> (i could not think of a better term for "phone" so happy for suggestions!)

Rename phone to phoneType or intendedUse?

The Name class should have properties familyName, givenName, honorificPrefix and honorificSuffix instead of lastName, firstName, prefixName and suffixName. uses all of the former. FOAF uses familyName and givenName, and is considering deprecating title for honorificPrefix. There may be multiple familyName and givenName; the current maxCardinality is incorrect. The Name class is missing the language property.

hasNickname and Nickname have a lowercase "n" for "name" but the property nickName doesn't. I think all three should have a lowercase "n" for "name" to align with FOAF.

It'd prefer to camelcase birthdate to be birthDate like birthdate can also be text, eg "circa 1800". Does xsd:dateTime use ISO 8601:2004? The vCard RFC uses it, which allows for partial dates like "--0412". Similarly for anniversary. anniversary should be maxCardinality 1 according to the RFC.

The Address class is missing properties for post office box (postOfficeBoxNumber), extended address and postal code (postalCode). Is it possible to express an address as a single string? In RFC 6350, you can add a LABEL on an ADR to do that.

According to RFC, Photo, TimeZone, Geo, Related, Category, Web, Key, CalendarBusy, CalendarRequest and CalendarLink should not have a language property.

ORG in the RFC splits into organizational name, organizational unit #1 name, and organizational unit #2 name. In the RDF version, there is only one org property.

I've added a description of the mapping from the RFC to the RDF on the wiki page [1]. There seems to be some weird caching and it's not showing the latest version [2]. Some mappings for property parameters and general properties are missing, but I'm not sure they need to be in the RDF.


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