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> Thanks for the quick reply, Renato. Having re-read the RFC, I see the need for the classes. Would it be possible, though, to add shortcuts, eg ex:james v:tel "tel:+1-800-555-0199"? I find that many ontologies that use n-ary relations also provide a direct relation.

The idea is good...but are the implications now that we have two ways to represent a telephone number?
Can u point to some examples to review?

> The Name class should have properties familyName, givenName, honorificPrefix and honorificSuffix instead of lastName, firstName, prefixName and suffixName. uses all of the former. FOAF uses familyName and givenName, and is considering deprecating title for honorificPrefix. There may be multiple familyName and givenName; the current maxCardinality is incorrect. The Name class is missing the language property.

Will fix the cardinalities etc....

> I've added a description of the mapping from the RFC to the RDF on the wiki page [1]. There seems to be some weird caching and it's not showing the latest version [2]. Some mappings for property parameters and general properties are missing, but I'm not sure they need to be in the RDF.

Thanks for that....

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