Re: how rdf document called well-fromed?

Hai yanes,

Well-formedness is a concept from XML (well, a bit older, but in this
context near enough), it applies to the RDF/XML syntax, but not really
to RDF itself.

Check for the XML specification.

Also I'd recommend this version of the RDF Primer:


On 12 May 2012 05:16, Yanes Arfian <> wrote:
> hai...
> I'm yanes, and I'm 22 years old.
> and I'm a student from Telkom Institute of Technology from Indonesia,
> majoring informatics engineering.
> now I'm doing my thesis about Resource Description Framework, and I need to
> make a RDF document.
> when I'm using RDF validator, it is very helpful, but how your RDF validator
> validate a RDF document?
> and can you tell me how and why a RDF document called well-formed?
> it will be very helpful for me if you willing to answer my question
> please help me, thank you

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