Re: how rdf document called well-fromed?

Hi Yanes,
Good luck with your Master Thesis.
When working with RDF what you are really validating is whether or not the
serialization format (XML, Turtle, N3, N-Triples) of your abstract model
(created at design time as a graph with use of the RDF model rules)
validates. So, in general if the validator knows (have the patterns for the
right hierarchy, structure of the elements etc.) what can be expressed in
RDF language and how it is said in for example RDF/XML format, it can see
if there are any inconsistencies or syntactical errors.
A little bit more on serialization of RDF

And there's more at w3c (linked earlier in this topic) and in books like
those listed here:

2012/5/12 Yanes Arfian <>

> hai...
> I'm yanes, and I'm 22 years old.
> and I'm a student from Telkom Institute of Technology from Indonesia,
> majoring informatics engineering.
> now I'm doing my thesis about Resource Description Framework, and I need
> to make a RDF document.
> when I'm using RDF validator, it is very helpful, but how your RDF
> validator validate a RDF document?
> and can you tell me how and why a RDF document called well-formed?
> it will be very helpful for me if you willing to answer my question
> please help me, thank you

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