Re: IRIs vs. URIs in SPARQL spec

* Bob DuCharme wrote:
>The SPARQL specs says in two places that "IRIs are a subset of RDF URI 
>References that omits spaces." I have trouble seeing it as a subset for 
>two reasons:
>1. The document that it references 
>says that it "defines a new protocol element called Internationalized 
>Resource Identifier (IRI) by extending the syntax of URIs to a much 
>wider repertoire of characters."
>2. The same document says the following:
>   Systems accepting IRIs MAY also deal with the printable
>   characters in US-ASCII that are not allowed in URIs,
>   namely "<", ">", '"', space...
>It sounds to me like URIs and not IRIs disallow spaces, and for that 
>reason (as well as the fact that, in line with point 1 above, 
>é counts as an IRI but not a URI) that IRIs are a 
>superset of URIs, and not a subset.

The statement above is about systems accepting IRIs. It is not a state-
ment about what IRIs are. The definition of "IRI" in RFC 3987 does not
permit U+0020 to occur in IRIs. Consider your browser's address bar. It
accepts IRIs, and likely other things like search queries, but that does
not mean `bing search terms` is a IRI.
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