Re: IRIs vs. URIs in SPARQL spec

On Sun, 2011-03-06 at 13:45 -0500, Bob DuCharme wrote: 
> The SPARQL specs says in two places that "IRIs are a subset of RDF URI 
> References that omits spaces." I have trouble seeing it as a subset for 
> two reasons:
> 1. The document that it references 
> says that it "defines a new protocol element called Internationalized 
> Resource Identifier (IRI) by extending the syntax of URIs to a much 
> wider repertoire of characters."

Note that those statements in the SPARQL spec are not about URIs but
about "RDF URI References" [1], these are not the same thing. RDF URI
References were an attempt by the RDF Core WG to be compatible with IRIs
before the IRI spec was finalized - an attempt which was very successful
apart from the the handling of spaces.



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