Re: the list of semantic technology companies now enriched with dog food

At 19:46 01.03.2011, Martin Hepp wrote:
>Hi Dieter,
>I think what you need to make the approach fly is
>1. a database back-end, be it relational or RDF-based with a 
>maintenance interface that allows importing descriptions from public 
>RDF sources, so that you can fetch and integrate the master data for 
>companies that have their own profile in RDF;

Indeed, this may be one of the next steps to broaden the data set.

>2. properly implement HTTP content negotiation so that e.g.
>curl -H "Accept: application/rdf+xml" 
>points you to the URI of the RDF/XML representation instead of 
>sending an HTML document, as it does now:

Thanks, will be fixed.

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