RE: the list of semantic technology companies now enriched with dog food

At 16:52 01.03.2011, Irene Celino wrote:
>Dear all,
>as already discussed with Dieter, I also think the list at
> is not comprehensive.
>Specifically, I am a bit disappointed by the fact that the list does not
>include not-for-profit companies (like mine).
>To fill this gap (and also to include the missing ones), I set up a form on
>Google Docs at
>4N1E6MQ. Apart from the basic company info, I added some fields to better
>characterize the list.
>Feel free to compile the form with your company data. I'll give Dieter and
>Carmen access to the spreadsheet behind, so that they can update the
>website, if they think fit.

Hi Irene,

yes we have discussed the issue before. My concern was that if we list all
non-profit organizations that refer to semantic technology we may
end up with a listing of all Universities of the world. The current
approach Carmen and I have chosen will not scale for this (also
personally I am more interested in the growth of commercial entities).

In any case we will periodically check your form and as soon as it
has a critical mass of entries we will duplicate the content on our site.
Thanks for helping to extend the coverage of the initiative.

Many greetings,


Dieter Fensel
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