In my view, there are no purely *technical* advantages to this approach - 
indeed, technically it's an extra level of complication.

But, there may be *social* advantages:  many people are still wary (and with 
some cause in some environments) of using http: URIs as persistent identifiers. 
The community may feel more comfortable with, and hence more likely to adopt, 
something that is so clearly signposted as a persistent identifier.

Of course, all the considerations of "cool URIs" [1] still apply.



Michael Schneider wrote:
> Hi!
> Here is something that makes me wonder:
> CEUR-WS at
> is a service for scientific workshops to publish their proceedings. The
> complete workshop proceedings are freely available at HTTP-URIs such as
> I consider this a good and stable URI scheme.
> Now I find the following statement on the service's main page:
>     27-Jan-2010: We have started to assign persistent 
>     identifiers (URN) to published volumes. You can 
>     resolve them either by installing URN Support 
>     as a plug-in to your browser or use a web-based resolver, 
>     e.g. 
>     for Vol-560.
> Does anyone have an idea what is the advantage of having this additional URN
> scheme compared to the HTTP-URI scheme used so far (which is still valid, of
> course). Do I miss something obvious?
> Cheers,
> Michael
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