Re: Turtle - Terse RDF Triple Language updated

On 3 Oct 2007, at 12:55, Story Henry wrote:
>>> :me foaf:knows [ = <>;
>>>                  foaf:name "Joe Smith" ] .
>> Just for me to understand: Is this meant to be a shortcut for  
>> 'owl:sameAs'?
> Yep! It's that obvious :-)
> What would be nice would be a little comment in the Turtle spec, if  
> it gets approved,
> making the point that when the "=" follows the "[" as above there  
> is no need for an interpreter
> to create a blank node: they should just go an name the node with  
> the URL following it.

I agree with what others said: This isn't a good idea as it mixes  
syntax and entailment.

My vote would be for doing either of those things:

a) allow "=" as pure syntactic sugar for owl:sameAs, or

b) allow "=" only immediately after "[", as a syntax for creating a  
named node instead of a blank node; owl:sameAs would still need to be  
written explicitly.

I don't have a clear preference for a) or b), I think both would be  
useful. Option b) might have the slight advantage that it can be used  
by Turtle serializers.


> Henry
>> Cheers,
>> Michael

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