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Re: Announcement: Firefox Navibar Extension 0.10

From: <siebeneicher@oaklett.org>
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 20:39:18 +0100
Message-ID: <43CFEAE6.4080806@oaklett.org>
To: Reto Bachmann-Gmür <reto@gmuer.ch>
CC: semantic-web@w3.org

Reto Bachmann-Gmür wrote:

>> By the way, i plan for the next major release of Navibar, to make the
>> root elements of the tree general folders like: Sitemap, RSS, Links and
>> behind these root elements will follow the navigation elements of each
>> own format.
> not sure what you mean, and why there's a "root element".

ohhh, this was a bad idea. i thought it would be good to have other 
resources like RSS displayed in the sidebar tree too. For example the 
tree could have 2 branches at the top containing the Sitemap and the RSS 
but i think the tree should be used only for the Sitemap and the RSS is 
handled by Firefox as users allready know. please never mind...

> Maybe allowing to set the focus on one node in the tree so that this 
> nodes the becomes the root of a "forward-tree", as well as a 
> "backward-tree" showing the resources which do link to this blog-entry?

NNS(Navibars Sitemap format) use the map:container and map:embedded 
elements to realize exactly this(tree's behind tree's). Navibar do not 
have implemented this feature yet, but its a good idea. As you say, the 
current Sitemap proposal above does the job with the rdfs:seeAlso but i 
would also like to see to include parts of a tree from an other source.

The idea at the following example was to include a Sitemap from 
http://www.osar.ch/eductation-sitemap which replaces or extends the 
content of the children element. This would help splitting the content 
of a Sitemap and gives the chance to include Sitemaps and Lists(rss/atom 
??) from another domains.

 > <SiteMapEntry>
 >    <rdfs:label>Flight - Asylum - Integration</rdfs:label>
 >    <page rdf:resource="http://www.osar.ch/education" />
 >    <children rdf:parseType="Collection" 
rdfs:seeAlso="http://www.osar.ch/eductation-sitemap" />
 > </SiteMapEntry>

The rdfs:seeAlso is not good here, i would use "src" or the atom 
ontology, what do you think about this?

By the way, the next time i write a spec by my own i will definitly talk 
to other about that, it was a big mistake to recommend NNS without 
showing the working draft first. A while i ask myself if there are other 
ways to distribute/share a new Sitemap Specification because i am afraid 
of having the specifications at http://navibar.oaklett.org/specs/. I am 
the owner of http://navibar.oaklett.org but i do not want to own the 
specification when it is used by many others out there. Are there ways 
to give it a more neutral touch?

Markus Siebeneicher

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