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AW: Showing the Semantic Web

From: Tanja Sieber <tanja.sieber@t-dos.de>
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 09:47:30 +0100
To: "Frank Manola" <fmanola@acm.org>, "Misha Wolf" <Misha.Wolf@reuters.com>
Cc: "Semantic Web" <semantic-web@w3.org>
Message-ID: <KNEHLJDGCAJHFAHOOMOHIENADOAA.tanja.sieber@t-dos.de>

Hey all,

I think, this is only my second mail that I post here in this list, because
very often I do not really find the time to go as deep in the posted
discussion topics as I would like to OR I feel not really adressed to do so.
I just want to share my opinion and my point of view regarding some aspects
that came out in the last discussion round about explanations of ontologies
to humans and also right now about showing the semantic web.
I think, that both adresses to the same direction --> we would like (and in
my opinion we should) to optimize the understandability of Semantic Web to
As a newcomer (I still feel so, even if I already started to research half a
year ago) it's quite hard to find starter's literature or tutorials.
Following the links, that are given here and there, I feel quite often as if
the people put anything, what they think, what might be of interest online,
not thinking about, for whom this is really interesting for.
I feel a great contrast between the idea and the vision behind the Semantic
Web, as I understood and understand it and the behaviour of most sites
talking about semantic web....Why not being more careful in adding
content --> at the moment we do not have yet the Semantic Web (most of
us:-) ) and therefore we have to pay attention also to that fact, that it's
still hard to find information for people searching for it.

Frank mentioned to Misha that sentence:
"how clear do you think you've been in explaining why
it ought to be of *general* interest "

I would like to go even further and adress that question to everyone here "
how clear do you think most people have been publishing and contributing
something to the term semantic web" "how clear do you think does the main
intentions of websites come out, if there is just visible a snippet of a

That's not your problem, you think?
 Why not? I think, we should start not only to talk about semantic web, but
also DO it (and that can start in small steps, e.g. by presenting content on
webpages structured and well-readable, or sharing our experiences like we do


P.S.: By the way: does anyone know, why w3schools.org disappeared?

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