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Danny Ayers wrote:

> The question "where are the applications?" has been historically 
> hard to answer in part because of the general focus on developing
> infrastructure, and a large proportion of systems are very
> general-purpose tools (APIs, stores etc) rather than actual
> applications in themselves. But I'm pretty sure there is now a
> convincing array of 'true' applications out there, though still 
> can't really answer the question :-(

In trying to generate interest in, and get help with, such an 
"application" (namely B2B News), I've found minimal interest on this
list.  I believe that NewsML 2 is the most important "application" 
to enter the Semantic Web arena.  It is a shame that only the News 
industry is interested in the challenges and opportunities.

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Most mails on this list seem to be either plugs for events/journals 
or quite abstract arguments.  With a few notable exceptions, there 
seems to be little interest in anything practical.
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