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Actions QT4CG-009-01 and QT4CG-009-02 completed

Alternate zoom link for today

AW: QT4 CG meeting 012 proposed agenda 2022-11-22

Completed QT4CG-009-05 and a new formatting option

Editorial and infrastructure PRs

Merge conflicts

Merging PRs that are accepted in principle

Old PRs…

PRs aren’t deploying

QT4 CG draft agenda for meeting 013, 29 November 2022

QT4 CG meeting 0012 draft minutes 2022-11-22

QT4 CG Meeting 009 draft minutes 2022-11-01

QT4 CG Meeting 010 draft minutes 2022-11-08

QT4 CG Meeting 010 proposed agenda 2022-11-08

QT4 CG Meeting 011 draft minutes 2022-11-15

QT4 CG Meeting 011 proposed agenda 2022-11-15

QT4 CG meeting 012 proposed agenda 2022-11-22

QT4CG-011-04/05/06 completed

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