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Additional XML Signature Second Edition and explanation draft updates

Agenda: Distributed meeting 2008-05-06

Agenda: Distributed meeting 2008-05-20

Agenda: Distributed meeting 2008-05-20 v2

Agenda: Distributed meeting 2008-06-03

Best Practices - Denial of Services Tests

Best Practices comments

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Best Practices Streaming Web services ....

Best practices: time-stamps comments

Comments and questions on EXI and its implications regarding XML signature

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Fwd: Links to [LDAP-DN] in section

Fwd: XML Signature RNG Schema

ISSUE-1: add Timestamp/Nonce material from Hal Lockhart to best practices

Meeting minutes May 5, 2008

Meeting record: XML Sec Weekly 2008-04-15

Proposed final version of minutes for 2008-05-20 meeting

References in XML Signature PER

Review request for XMLHttpRequest

XML Signature, 2nd Edition update - XSL reference

XML Signature, Second Edition Editors Draft updated

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