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Telcon Thursday 2009-11-26 cancelled Henry S. Thompson (Monday, 23 November)

No media type Norman Walsh (Monday, 23 November)

encoding and charset Norman Walsh (Monday, 23 November)

How are the name in Content-Disposition and the Content-Id related? Norman Walsh (Monday, 23 November)

Iteration position and size Norman Walsh (Monday, 23 November)

Tests validxsd-004 and validxsd-012 contradictory (Friday, 20 November)

Testin versioning-002 Norman Walsh (Thursday, 19 November)

XProc telcon cancelled, 19 Nov 2009 Norman Walsh (Thursday, 19 November)

Regrets 19 November (Thursday, 19 November)

XProc telcon minutes 2009-11-12 Henry S. Thompson (Thursday, 12 November)

XProc Agenda 12 November 2009 Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 11 November)

XProc Minutes 02/03 November 2009 Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 11 November)

Help: use-when and p:episode (Tuesday, 10 November)

exclude-inline-prefixes question (Tuesday, 10 November)

p:use-when on non-XProc elements (Tuesday, 10 November)

Add version attribute to the standard step library (Friday, 6 November)

First draft of default XML processing model Norman Walsh (Friday, 6 November)

Input for f2f discussion of default processing model Henry S. Thompson (Tuesday, 3 November)

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