RE: encoding and charset

At the moment, we use the charset from the content-type header of
c:body. Adding a charset attribute to c:body would, IMHO, introduce
additional issues with triplicating (?) the content type/charset
information in the content-type attribute of c:body, its possible
content-type header and the new attribute.

Regarding err:XC0010 and c:body, shouldn't the HTTP client fall back to
US-ASCII (as per HTTP 1.1) if no charset is specified?

Shouldn't err:XC0010 apply also to other steps can take c:data as input
and treat the data as text (for instance, p:xquery)?


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> Subject: encoding and charset
> If it's an error (err:XC0010) to specify encoding=base64 on 
> p:unescape-markup
> without also specifying a charset; should it not also be an 
> error to specify
> an encoding=base64 on a c:body without specifying a charset?
> Should c:body have a charset attribute, or must the charset 
> be parsed from
> the content-type on c:body?
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