Help: use-when and p:episode

I am implementing use-when at the moment (that's why you get som many
e-mails from me today) and now I encountered a possible issue with
use-when and the p:episode system property - at least in our

What we do is that we make a clear separation between "compiling" a
pipeline and actually running it. We compile the pipeline into a
self-contained object which you can then run as many times you want,
possibly with different input data. The problem is that during the
compile phase, the p:episode is not yet set; we set it to a unique value
each time you *run* the compiled pipeline. At the moment, we do the
use-when processing during the compile phase - which has an obvious
issue if you want to use p:episode in p:use when.

Even if I set p:episode in the compile phase, it would not be entirely
correct because each invocation of the pipeline gets a new p:episode
The second option I see - postponing use-when processing until the
execution phase - would be a true nightmare for me to implement.

Norm, how does Calabash deal with this?


Received on Tuesday, 10 November 2009 11:36:58 UTC