Tests validxsd-004 and validxsd-012 contradictory

The tests validxsd-004 and validxsd-012 seem to contradict each other.
Both tests look the same:

  <p:input port="source">
    <p:document href="http://tests.xproc.org/tests/doc/document2.xml"/>
  <p:input port="schema">

The document document2.xml contains an xsi:noNamespaceLocationAttribute.

Test 004 is expected to succeed, but test 012 is expected to raise
err:XC0053 (document not valid).
The only difference between the two tests is that test 012 specifies
use-location-hints="false" explicitly. But "false" is already the
default for use-location-hints, which is why test 004 raises err:XC0053
as well in our implementation.

There is also test validxsd-008 that is the same as validxsd-004, except
that it says use-location-hints="true".

I would say validxsd-004 should be removed. 

What do you think?


Received on Friday, 20 November 2009 09:09:58 UTC