Re: [css3-namespace] Last call comments from XHTML2 WG

On Wed, 05 Mar 2008 16:42:07 +0100, Steven Pemberton  
<> wrote:
> In the context of the following
>  @namespace ""
>  foo {color: green}
> with a non-namespaced CSS processor all elements named foo will be green,
> while with a namespaced processor, only elements in the namespace named
> will be green.
> This seems to break an axiom of CSS versioning that later versions of CSS
> should not change the processing of earlier versions; it will therefore
> make it hard to make a stylesheet that works regardless of the presence  
> of namespace processing.
> It would seem better if unqualified names continue to behave in the same
> way as non-namespaced processors, and that to select a particular
> namespaced version of an element, you should always use a qualified name.

We discussed this and since @namespace has been around for a long time it  
would probably break more if we removed the ability to do default  
namespaces in CSS. In its almost nine years of existence this hasn't been  
a problem really and we expect it to be not much of a hassle going  
forward. Please let us know if you disagree with this response.

Anne van Kesteren

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