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Hi Cosimo,

  I hope Nathan's overview was clear enough. The second video on my home page shows what it looks like from the user perspective, but
we need to  working on improving the  implementations and the presentations. 

Of the two servers running there, the one creating the certificates is a simple Java based wiki. The other authenticating server is a php based server. Those are both prototypes, and may not be working. 

On 24 Feb 2011, at 01:45, Cosimo Streppone wrote:

> I had never heard of Clerezza before, and I tried to look up its
> documentation, but it feels like a giant beast. Do I need it
> to get WebID up and running?

No you don't need something as big as Clerezza. (though it's not that big: Reto got it to work on his Nokia cell phone I think) Clerezza is just a tool I am happy to work on being a Java person trying to move to Scala. And you are quite right the documentation is on the todo list there. :-)

 There are a number of other implementations out there, listed at
in perl, python, c, php, ... I hope Clerezza gives them some competition soon, so they improve their user friendliness :-)

 What we need is to make sure we all interoperate, which is why I am really keen on getting a test suite out.


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