WebID-ISSUE-29 (prehistory): WebID prehistory [research]

WebID-ISSUE-29 (prehistory): WebID prehistory [research]


Raised by: Henry Story
On product: research

As I understand, early X500 directories were meant to be a global naming system. X509 Distinguished Names were meant to be global dereferenceable names, where servers were meant to be able to look for more information, perhaps even be able to retrieve a public key. It seems then that WebID is just fulfilling the initial vision of X500, by solving the global naming problem using the Semantic Web. It would be good to have a short write up of this, to help show how WebID is just pursuing the initial vision of the X500 founders. 

See an initial thread on this:

As it happens Prof David Chadwick who wrote the 1996 book "Understanding x.500 (the directory)" is an invited expert and will be certainly be able to guide us on this

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