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> User Story -- Bootstrapping Facebook

( we should not use existing companies by name in a user story, I think )
You story below seems to be more a HOWTO than a user story. Where do you want to put this?

> Alice has a Facebook account, .  She's
> chosen to have all her information as public.

I wrote up how to enable a Web2.0 app here

It would need updating with graphs added to help explain what the turtle means,
and with an rdfa version, and rdf/xml ones perhaps... Though we should wait for those until we have the ontology tightened up.

> 1. She wishes to have a WebID,
>    1.1) what would be the ideal way of generating the RDF she needs
> for a WebID Profile [1]

    Not sure there is an ideal way. In terms of software one can generate this
with any tool. One can have an rdf/xml representation of the profile which will probably be much faster to download, or just embed it into the rdfa, which will be slower to download and maintain, but in the longer term will have other advantages.

>    1.2) where would this profile need to be stored?

On the facebook server presumably, in a database, or a filesystem...
I suppose you mean what the URL should be? It could be

But really it could also be

if the WebID is

What I think long term you want is that the WebID profile document return a human readable representation, so that someone clicking the webid link in the browser can jump straight to the human readable space and find their profile. This will allow some useful browser integration. If someone does not like the image shown in the card selector a future browser should allow them to click on the card and just get them to their WebID Profile where they can find an edit link to change their remote photo.


> [1]

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