Re: Important Question re. WebID Verifiers & Linked Data

On 12/22/11 11:32 AM, Jiří Procházka wrote:
> let the WebID core specification
> be abstract, based on Linked Data ideal, not requiring specific format,
> then have a separate specification aimed at interoperability and
> adoption, specifying restrictions such as
If you are suggesting the above, then I am in violent agreement with you!

There's no harm in having complimentary implementation guides for 
RDF/XML, RDFa, Microdata, Turtle.

TimBL's design issues note (*original version*) for Linked Data is a 
classic example of an implementation guide for publishing Linked Data at 
InterWeb scales, courtesy of AWWW exploitation :-)

Henry: RDF and SPARQL specificity was added retrospectively.


1. -- TimBL's Linked Data 
Design Issues Note.



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