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2nd CfP: Special Issue of the Journal of Web Semantic (JWS) on "The Web of Data"

[Ann] OSM Linked Geo Data extraction, browser & editor

[Fwd: Cambridge Semantic Web Gathering Follow-up re. Rdb2Rdf IG]

[Fwd: RDB2RDF Usecase]

Agenda for Dec 12 RDB2RDF XG Telcon

Agenda for Dec 5 RDB2RDF Telcon

Fwd: StateOfTheArt Survey

Guidance on mapping to OWL

JDBC Clients & RDF Data via SPARQL

Mapping SPARQL to SQL

Minutes for Dec 5 Telcon

Minutes on Dec 12 RDB2RDF Telcon

RDB2RDF Usecase

RDB2RDF Usecase - Biomedical UseCase

REMINDER: No RDB2RDF Telcon today

XG Progress Report at Semantic Web Gathering, Tuesday

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