Re: [MMSEM-UC] Review of Tagging Use Case

Dear Michael and Stamatia,

> Referring to AP [1], I now made my comments available at [2].

> [1]
> [2]

Thanks for having proposed a template for commenting the use cases and for having
completed your APs and sorry for not having reacted before.
I have found your comments completely relevant for this particular use case and I share
them. However, I will object that the review remains at a too high level for being fully
useful to the authors. More generally, do not hesitate to propose new wording of
paragraphs or sections that sounds for you obscure, or propose new research directions,
etc ...
Remember that this is not a review of a scientific paper, do not be "politically correct"
but on the contrary, be tough and constructive in your comments ... We will be with your
use case :-)

I should have pointed that before, but some good examples of tough review are available
for the "Image Annotation on the Semantic Web" document at [3,4,5,6,7] and to some extent
[8 .. 14].

Best regards.




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