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Wed, 22 Mar 2006 15:50:45 GMT
First WD

We have the feeling that this paragraph is very library and/or  
organization project oriented. In the individual case, a personal  
user, annotating photos, the vocabulary is not chosen and is not a  
key decision but something which grows little by little with the needs.

Choosing which vocabularies to use for annotating image is a key  
decision in an annotation project. Typically, one needs more than a  
single vocabulary to cover the different relevant aspects of the  
images. A separate document named Vocabularies Overview discusses a  
number of individual vocabularies that are relevant for images  
annotation. The remainder of this section discusses more general issues.

-- Image Annotation on the Semantic Web 
Wed, 22 Mar 2006 15:50:45 GMT

Maybe you could define the "class of products"[1], it means the  
different type of users, different type of softwares, basically you  
choose a vocabulary for annotating this document "Image Annotation on  
the Semantic Web" and then assign the class of products to the prose  
of the document.

Previous example of this
	- server (Web servers or proxies) implementors are tagged as SI,
	- server-side engine (server-side scripting languages and engines,  
web content management or generation systems, etc.) developers are  
tagged as SS,
	- managers (webmasters, Web site managers) are tagged as CM.
  * Charmod
	- S' for specifications,
	- 'I' for software implementations
	- 'C' for Web content.


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