Re: SAWSDL Category [section 2.3 of Semantic Annotations for WSDL]

Dear Pierre, 

the SAWSDL spec is independent of any taxonomies, but the ones you
mention could be pointed to as examples. I opened new issue 20 [1] to
consider that.

If you decide to use SAWSDL (or WSDL-S) in your work, you can already
use these taxonomies, most probably you'd put those tModel URIs as
taxonomyURI on interface category.

Hope it helps,


On Thu, 2006-06-08 at 23:53 +0200, Pierre Châtel wrote:
> Hi List,
> me again. Since I'm continuing my work on mapping sawsdl into UDDI, I  
> noticed that you did not specified any normalized URIs for  
> referencing NAICS, UNSPNC or GICS taxonomies.
> Wouldn't it be great to use the ones that are specified in http:// 
> ?
> Like  
> for NAICS
> or  
> for UNSPNC ?
> This way i would be able to map the categorization information  
> provided by a SAWSDL service definition by directly using the  
> standard UDDI taxonomy tModels (just by matching URIs when mapping to  
> UDDI) !
> Pierre

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