Re: NEW ISSUE: [GUIDELINES] Use of @wsp:optional and @wsp:Ignorable o n the same assertion

Is this really the case? I'm not sure the intent was ever to have both these in that same assertion. Was it?

I'd have thought the guidelines should have shown that these were for two different types of use case.  Can some explain the use case that was dreamed up where the make sense together?


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Subject: NEW ISSUE: [GUIDELINES] Use of @wsp:optional and @wsp:Ignorable o  n the same assertion 


Title: Provide clear guidance on the specification of @wsp:optional=true and @wsp:Ignorable=true on the same assertion


Target:  Guidelines Document



The framework specification does not explicitly state if an assertion can be marked both optional and ignorable. However, as we discussed since @wsp:optional is just a syntactic simplification, it is permitted to mark an assertion with both the @wsp:optional and @wsp:Ignorable with the value of "true" for both. 


I ask that the guidelines document add some guidance to clarify this aspect.


Justification: No clarify in this aspect anywhere else


Proposal: Add a text to the guidelines document to clarify that both the attributes wsp:optional and wsp:Ignorable with the value of "true" for both, can be specified on the same assertion




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