Re: Policy expressions with no wire manifestation

In WS-SecurityPolicy we have an assertion like
<sp:MustSupportRefKeyIdentifier />, this is not marked as wsp:optional and
does has no effect on the actual communication, if there is not a
intersection then it will fail. I don't understand why you think that
assertions that have no effect on the actual communication need to be
marked as wsp:optional.

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Hi there

That was a response in a hurry so I take it back. Before flooding the group
concalls with trivial issues I'd rather attempt to make my question as
clear as possible. Note that I may indeed be confused, but if so then I'd
appreciate an answer which would help.

Consider this example :

              <TheBestServiceInThisCategory verifiedBy="..."/>

This is an example of a policy with a single alternative. This alternative
contains non-optional assertions
defined by a policy profile spec published a month ago. These assertions
have no wire manifestations.
A ws-policy aware (requester) entity whose runtime has not been updated yet
to recognize <oasis:QOSGuarantee> is about to start communicating with the
service which advertizes this policy.

Given the fact that it's likely ws-policy aware requesters will refuse to
start talking to a service should they fail to support the above policy and
that the fact whether this requester supports this policy or not will have
no effect on the actual communication with the service this policy attached
to, my understanding is that such assertions with no wire manifestations
SHOULD be marked as wsp:optional :

         <oasis:QOSGuarantee wsp:optional="true">
              <!-- -->

This means a requester may use this policy for a service selection but
doesn't need to refuse talking to this service should it fail to recognize
the policy.

Does it make sense ?
What is the group's position on this issue ?


Sergey Beryozkin
Iona Technologies

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