WS-Policy Editors drafts available

On behalf of the WS-Policy editorial team, I am pleased to announce the
availability of the Policy framework and attachments Editors Draft
Documents, as well as diffs.  The bulk of the editorial action items
have been completed for this review.  

The documents and URIs are:
1. Framework OR

2. Attachment OR

3. Framework DIFF OR

4. Attachment DIFF OR

Since the last Editors Report, the following editorial actions have been
completed and are included in these editors drafts:
ACTION: W3C staff contact to automate generation of diff for WS-Policy
by deploying the diffmk tool and updating he build.xml etc. [recorded in]
ACTION: editors to implement the resolution for issue 3562. [recorded in]
(Clarify the relation of overlapping definitions in the framework)
ACTION: editors to attempt to make doc consistent and need to deal with
"cascading delete" [recorded in]
ACTION: Editors to implement the resolution for issue 3604 [recorded in]
ACTION: editors to remove [recorded in]

Editorial status:
The outstanding editorial action items from Tracker, 0 items currently,
is at
The outstanding editorial action items for all the editors, 0 items
currently, is at

These trackers are obviously not yet reflective of the true editorial
state of the documents, as there are a small number of open editorial
action items.  We are working to make the status accurately presented.

On behalf of the WS-Policy editors,
Dave Orchard

Received on Tuesday, 5 September 2006 21:07:36 UTC