discussion on 3619

 I observe that there are several facets to  this open item and I would 
like the working group to consider the following:

1) The WS-Addressing group is not willing to take on additional work items 
at this time beyond pointing to our specs 
2) The example we give could be misleading rather than clarifying 
3)There is a new proposal to consider a more general mechanism for domain 
expressions in external attachments[ policy attachment section 3.4] that 
identify policy subjects 

Therefore, I propose that we close this bug with no additional action. The 
guidelines document  (section 2) recommends that policy authors understand
and declare their policy subjects and EPRs are just another possible 
We then recommend that the WS-Addressing group review our CR drafts and 
our non-normative guidelines and reference those appropriately. 


Received on Tuesday, 7 November 2006 12:00:57 UTC