RE: Last call review comments

Thank you for your comment.  We have incorporated the resolutions
detailed below into the latest Working Drafts [1, 2].  We expect to have
another brief Last Call period soon.  We'll assume you are satisfied
with the resolutions below unless we hear from you within two weeks.


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> Hi all, finally reading (most of) the Last Call drafts of WSDL 2 I
> have
> the following comments that I think may not be purely editorial.
> Every comment starts with the number of the relevant section.
> PART 1:
> 2.1.1 "The components directly defined within a single Definitions
> component are said to belong to the same target namespace."  -- what
> about included components in the same namespace?

Tracked as LC52a [3], the WG agreed to adopt the proposal in [4] to
address this issue, namely to re-state in simple terms that the
Description (LC43) Component is a container for Interface, Binding,
Service, Element Declaration, Type Definition and Extensibility
components. Include and import are at a different level, composition.
This level is different from the component model. Composition is clearly
answered in the mapping section.


> 2.5.1 how does {message content model} (in particular, #element)
> relate
> to the use of other data models (3.2)? (text should probably be added
> after properties bullet list that {message content model} is not
> present
> in that case)

Tracked as LC52b [5], the WG agreed to clarify that {message content
model} is optional, missing when a different type system is in use. See
also the resolution to LC70 [6].


> PART 3:
> 2: rationale for not defaulting fault binding (at latest in 4th para)?
> Is it just faultCodes not being defaultable? Should be mentioned in
> the
> text.

Tracked as LC52c [7], the WG agreed to clarify that fault codes not
being defaultable is indeed the reason.


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