RE: HTTP Transfer Coding and 1.0

Thank you for considering my comment.


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Thank you for the comment below, and for your patience with us in
resolving it.  We tracked the comment below as Issue LC28 [1].  The WG
adopted the proposal at [2] to fix the issue.  The editors have
incorporated the fix into their latest drafts [2].

If you agree with our disposition of your comment, we'd like you to
acknowledge it within two weeks; otherwise we will assume you are
satisfied.  The WG plans to enter a second (short) Last Call period in
the near future, and we invite you to review that publication as well.


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> Subject: HTTP Transfer Coding and 1.0
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> coding-
> decl
> "3.10.1 Description
> Every Binding Message Reference component MAY indicate which transfer
> codings, as defined in section 3.6 of [IETF RFC 2616], are available
> for
> this particular message."
> This feature does not apply to HTTP 1.0 And, when {http version}="1.0"
> and
> {http transfer coding} claim is made, is that an error or should the
> processors safely ignore it? I prefer the latter. Please clarify.
> Regards,
> Asir S Vedamuthu
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