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Re: Why workflow is NOT just a Pi-process

From: Haugen Robert <Robert.Haugen@choreology.com>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2003 16:18:38 -0000
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Howard Smith wrote:
> ERP is just a Pi process
> Computer Sciences has also used BPML to model ERP

I am an old ERP programmer, feature designer and user.
I would be very interested in seeing that model,
but remain a little skeptical.

Professor William McCarthy's students mapped his one-page REA
(Resource-Event-Agent) ontology to some commercial ERP systems and found
something like 80% coverage. 
But that's a business-semantic model and the remaining 20% contains the
usual deep ratholes.

So if you mean something like "use UML to model ERP" or "use Java to
model ERP", that's one thing.  If you mean "use BPML to model ERP and
you're done, you now have a fully-functional ERP system", it's something
else again.
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