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Re: Why workflow is NOT just a Pi-process

From: Howard N Smith <howard.smith@ontology.org>
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 2003 12:26:12 +0000
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AA said in response to JJ:

>Since we don't experience any difficulties representing users or allowing the human element to be introduced, 
>and actually take pride in our human interface capabilities, I would say that we present solid evidence that this 
>statement is not entirely accurate. 

I can confirm this. The Intalio implementation of BPML/BPEL is quite stunning in this respect. In fact, in many
project models I have seen at CSC, many of the swimlanes are users or imaginary white space processes. 
Change mgt processes are a great example.

>I know this statement will be seen to be biased, given that CSC is using Intalio software, but I am making the 
>point to stress that different vendors will implement BPML/BPEL in different ways, yet, by keeping to foundations 
>they product can project and extend and unify different processes in existing technologies. 



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