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Minutes - WS-Addressing Test Suite TF call 12 January 2006

From: <paul.downey@bt.com>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 21:06:43 -0000
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  David Illsley (IBM)
  Mike Vernal (Microsoft)
  Mark Nottingham (WG Chair) 
  Glen Daniels (Sonic and Apache) 
  Paul Downey (BT)

Mike reports successfully sending messages to the IBM endpoint.

Mike notes that most (if not all) of the example request messages don't
have a wsa:To element. Discussion if it's optional - Paul thinks it defaults
to anonymous, i.e. the URI you send it to. Previous versions of WS-Addressing
required it to be present. IBM and Microsoft send it, though it's unclear
which implementations require it for dispatch. Glen says Axis2 doesn't.

Mike will discuss this with Jonathan and may raise it as a WG issue if the spec 
is unclear in this area.

If required, we'll change the example messages to include wsa:To values.

Mike notes that 1130/1230 (if not all) of the example response messages contain
a messageID, but no relatesTo values. This is an oversight.
Paul to record issue and fix these messages.

Mike notes that async response messages 1150/1250 are missing a wsa:To,
possibly related to the request messages missing a wsa:To.
Will sort out next week.

Mike would (along with Glen) like more async tests, suggests
blanking out the notify cases. That was the original vision,
so Paul will try to proovide some these tomorrow morning.

Glen raises the WSDL being out of sync with the messages - Paul 
to refresh the Zip file wrapup which may be stale.

Glen also wants the test case ID to be manditory as the message contents,
or in the header so as to not require the log/observer process to validate
the test cases. Will discuss further F2F next week.

Lack of optional fault tests still a concern. Will try and put some
together during the event.

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