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RE: Agenda - WS-Addressing Test Suite TF call 15 Dec 2005

From: <paul.downey@bt.com>
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 19:38:45 -0000
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Present: David Illsley (IBM), Mike Vernal (Microsoft), Paul Downey (BT)

agenda+ Action items

ACTION: pauld to flag which tests are for CORE, SOAP, 
ACTION: David to fix the WSDL to describe the messages correctly

Paul: think the issue is having echo as In-Out and echoIn as
In and echoOut as Out operations in the same interface/binding.
I'll investigate and consider splitting WSDLs.

Paul: thanks David for sorting the issues list and fixing up
some of them - suggest you add your name to the bottom of the 
testsuite pages as an 'Editor'.


agenda+ Tracking of issues

Walk through our issues list:


David: for the 1205 fault message,  the soap12:NotUnderstood/@qname
is optional

Paul: we remove optional XPaths as they add no value

David: only confuse people .. but I suspect the mustUnderstand
XPath is required

Paul: not totally sure without reading the spec - suggest we ping Hugo.



agenda+ The interoperability Event



Paul: should have time to work on the suite, suggest we aim
to get it into a stable state with a named release for the call
on Monday given time is ticking on and holidays are approaching fast! 


agenda+ Call for implementations

pauld: am aware of 4: Microsoft, IBM, Axis and Sun

mike: Microsoft's endpoint is avaliable soon, but yet to 
implement the testsuite operations - will do soon!

david: IBM's endpoint will be available soon

Previous meetings:
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